Best eCommerce Plugins of 2013

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As I build more and more eCommerce themes I find that choosing the write plugin for the job essential to the whole process. So I thought I’d write up a short post on the benefits of each, so that you’ll be able to make an educated decision about which one should fit in with what you need and what you expect from an online shopping experience.

Enough of the chat let’s just begin. My first plugin is…

EDD – Easy digital downloads

WordPress › Easy Digital Downloads « WordPress Plugins

This is a relatively new plugin which I am currently using to distribute my custom themes here at wptricks, created by the wonderful that is aimed at the digital download market. If you’re creating themes, prints, mp3’s, online video resources or just about any digital product that can be immediately downloaded then this should possibly be your first choice.

  • Support
    They provide exceptional support and in-depth documentation to alleviate your issues as soon as possible.
  • Elegant Reporting
    Beautiful graphs and simple data tables, showing all your sales and earnings.
  • Discount Codes
    A complete discounting system built in, so when you want to provide an offer, it won’t even take a minute.
  • Payment Gateways
    Accept payments through a huge number of different payment processors, PayPal, Stripe + many more…
  • Data Export
    Simple export options, you can easily send all sales, earnings, and customer data to Excell, Google Docs, or any other reporting system of your choice.
  • Dozens of Extensions
    With over 100 extensions, “Easy Digital Downloads” can be tailored to your exact needs. From payment processors to newsletter signup forms, EDD has extensions to fill the needs of almost every user.

For a demo – Click Here || To Download – Click Here



I’m using this quality plugin to power the store in my Cake-eCommerce theme. It offers a sweet back-end ui that makes this plugin quite simple to use and to sell from.  With over 1 Million downloads you can be sure that WooCommerce will do exactly what you want it too and boasts the following features.

  • Security
    WooCommerce 2.0+ has been fully security audited by the leading WordPress security firm.
  • Marketing & Promotion
    Run complex coupon campaigns.
  • Reporting
    Get a birds-eye view of your stores performance or drill down to check out product reports.
  • Intricate tax & Shipping options
  • SEO
    WooCommerce markup adheres to Schema vocabulary to fully assist your search engine rankings
  • One Page Checkout
    Allow customers to check out quickly and efficiently with our distraction-free one-page-checkout which includes real-time form validation.
  • Ratings
    Built in product rating system
  • Product filtering
  • Extensions
    This plugin also benefits from easily over 100 + extensions.

To Download – Click Here

The CartPress eCommerce Shopping Cart


Another powerful shopping cart plugin that offers a plethora of built in options and widgets. With over 104,000 downloads it’s well worth checking out.

  • International Sales
    Like all these plugins offers international weights, price formats and taxes
  • Physical and Downloadable Products
    Creates a new WordPress custom post type for products
  • Complex Products and Catalog Structures
    Grouped products with excerpt, content, images, author, date, comments, cross content, etc…
  • Marketing highlights
    Cross Sells, Recently viewed, Discounts, Free shipping options and more
  • Customer Accounts
    Customizable order emails, customer account dashboard, order status and history.
  • Product listing, Configurable loops
    2 default and configurable loops: Grid and Listing loops with tons of options.
  • Full Catalog Browsing
    Filter by Product archives and Product taxonomies
  • Catalog Management
    New WordPress user role: Merchant, stock management, +more

For a demo – Click Here || To Download – Click Here


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