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Rename the wp-content folder

Posted on 30th September, 2015 97 Comments

First select the wp-content folder and give it your chosen name (assets, stuff, content…) For this example I’m going to name it stuff. With that done, open your wp-config.php file and add the four lines below, above the require_once(ABSPATH . ‘wp-settings.php’); line at the bottom of your file. With this done all files uploaded will…

Change template_directory to use a CDN path

Posted on 16th September, 2015 110 Comments

So you’ve created your theme and you would like to switch to using a CDN for your scripts and CSS… Add this to your functions.php and replace the YOUR-SITE with the urls of the website and the CDN.

Theme creation basics

Posted on 1st February, 2015 152 Comments

Adding Widgets to your theme Open your functions.php then find or add the register_sidebar function. Then to display the widget area in the theme, because we’ve created a footer widget let’s include this call where it should be displayed. Adding new image sizes: In your funcions.php To display these in our theme. For example if…

Adding a sticky header to your WordPress theme

Posted on 21st June, 2014 958 Comments

Sticky headers have been popular for quite a while now, I think this is due to the increase in mobile traffic to websites. As pages become narrower they also become much longer, so a sticky-nav is quite a nice thing. I’m sure that there are quite a few of these tutorials online, but for me…

Next and Previous Posts Navigation With Thumbnails.

Posted on 31st May, 2014 5,651 Comments

A nice way of adding next and previous post navigation with thumbnails and a short excerpt. I’ve created a file that you can just add into your theme folder and call in your actual theme with this include snip; If you want to download my file then click here, otherwise you can copy and paste…

Adding Breadcrumbs without a plugin

Posted on 26th May, 2014 2,593 Comments

So there are plenty of plugins available if you just want to add breadcrumbs to your theme, but if you want something a little lighter then you could just add this to the theme functions.php. This adds a simple breadcrumb to your theme. THIS HAS BEEN RECENTLY UPDATED, I WISH I COULD REMEMBER THE ORIGINAL…